07-19-07 Severe Thunderstorm

(southern Fauquier County, VA)

Thunderstorms formed east of the Blue Ridge Mountains around 1:00 pm, quickly became severe and began racing east at 30-40 mph.  The first storms arrived around 2:15 pm in Opal, VA with winds of 30-40 mph, heavy rain and frequent lightning.  Immediately after the first storm passed a second storm developed along the outflow over northern Culpeper County.  This storm raced east and began a swath of wind damage that extended into southern Maryland.

View behind first storm with lowering along the flanking line.  No rotation seen.

View ahead of storm exiting Culpeper County and beginning to show strong bowing about 2 miles southeast of Remington, VA on Route 651.  At this point the storm accelerated to 40-50 mph and quickly overtook my position.

View ahead of storm before it overtook me about 3 miles southeast of Remington, VA on Route 651.  Winds of 50-60 mph and blinding rain quickly followed this photo.  The core of the downburst was just to my north where several large trees were blown down.  In my vicinity numerous small tree branches broke off trees.